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Maison - À vendre - Pontypridd, 59 995,00

Homes for Sale in Glamorgan / Morgannwg, Pontypridd, Wales £59,995

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Numéro d'annonce : AA0000887735

Adresse de la propriété

Ystrad Road, Pentre, Rhondda,
Pontypridd, WA
United Kingdom
CF41 7PH


  • Nom : Adrian Hibbert
  • Entreprise : Buy Sell Property
  • Tél. 1 : (+44) 796-6871854 (Work)
  • Tél. 2 : (+44) 796-6871854 (Cell)
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  • Site web : via


À vendre - Maison


DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY\r\rPurchase Price: £59995\r\rOr Rent to Buy - Rent to Own - Part Rent Part Buy\r\rMinimum of £2500 deposit and then £119.63 a week buys this family home. \r\rProperty For Sale/Rent in Ystrad Road, Pentre, Rhonnda, CF41 7PW\r\rKey features:\rRent to Buy\rDOUBLE GLAZING\rTWO BEDROOMS\rMID TERRACE\rTIERED GARDEN\r\rTwo bedroom property in a good location of Ton Pentre. Well kept throughout with a tiered garden to the rear\rA great chance to own a Property on easy monthly payments.\rWhy Rent when you can Buy!!!\r\rNo bank loan/mortgage needed, no lengthy forms to fill out. \rAs easy as renting BUT YOU OWN YOUR OWN HOME! \rMove in within days and stop wasting money on increasing rent. \rBenefit from any potential property price rises in the future of your own home. \rDo up your home and make it even more valuable. \rSuitable for renters who would prefer to use their rent money towards owning their own home. \r\rGreat if: \r\rYou're new to the UK \rYou can't get a mortgage \rYou have impaired or un-established credit history \rYou're self employed \rYou can't afford or don't have a large deposit saved \rYou want to own your own home today \r\rHOW IT WORKS \r\rPay the £2500, upfront and then £119.63 a week fixed.\rIt works just like a standard mortgage, but there is no bank involved.\rThe purchase uses a standard legal document that goes between the buyer's and seller's solicitors. \rYou have complete flexibility to transfer the property over to a bank or pay it off.\rThere is no need to save for huge 20% to 40% deposit and fit strict banking criteria to make this property your home! \r\rWHAT YOU NEED \r\rA job or be self employed \rThe minimum of £2500 deposit \rThe ability to make the weekly payments of £119.63pw comfortably \rThe ability to move in to your new home within 4 weeks

Brokered And Advertised By: Buy Sell Property
Listing Agent: Adrian Hibbert

Caractéristiques de base

  • Année de construction : N/D
  • Superficie habitable : N/D
  • Superficie du terrain : N/D
  • Type de chauffage : N/D
  • Type de revêtement extérieur : N/D
  • Type d'approvisionnement en eau : N/D
  • Type d'égout : N/D
  • Date d'occupation : N/D
  • Reprise : non

Informations financières

  • Taxes municipales : N/D
  • Taxes scolaires : N/D
  • Frais de copropriété : N/D
  • Évaluation municipale du bâtiment : N/D
  • Évaluation professionnelle du bâtiment : N/D
  • Évaluation municipale du terrain : N/D
  • Évaluation professionnelle du terrain : N/D
  • Année d'évaluation municipale : N/D
  • Année d'évaluation professionnelle : N/D

Données sur les pièces

  • Nombre d'étages : N/D
  • Nombre de pièces : N/D
  • Nombre de chambres : 2
  • Nombre de salles de bain/salles d'eau : 1
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