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Maison - à vendre - Amboy, N/D

Non Disponible/Not available

Amboy - Single Family Home

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Numéro d'annonce : OD4734520731

Adresse de la propriété

Amboy, IN

Coordonnées du vendeur


à vendre - Maison


This property is in initial default, also known as Nearing foreclosure. The homeowner of this property has missed at least 1 payment and is now considered delinquent. In order to avoid a full foreclosure, the homeowner may be willing to sell this home at an good price. No asking price is posted on Pre Foreclosures because these properties are not formally listed on the market for sale, yet. Instead, the original loan balance is presented. Use this amount, along with local sale price comparables to establish a fair offer on this home.
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